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Customisable Teddy Bear

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Who doesn't love a cute cuddly Teddy Bear, especially one that has been personalised with love. Hit the customise button and change the text or designs and both back and front of this cute Teddy's shirt. Prices are subject to change when customising.

Cuddly pet or best friend, the trusty bedside guard is super cute and mega customisable. Print designs, slogans and photos on him to endear him to big and small people’s hearts.
  • Sewn-on button eyes made of synthetic material
  • Cuddly and soft plush coat
  • Height, sitting: 20cm (incl. ears)
  • Weight: 77g
  • Fabrics: 100% polyester
Teddy Bear
normal fit
One Size 7.7 in 8.3 in